Utah Legislative Update 3/2

March 02, 2018

There's only one week left in the legislative session!

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Changes are italicized.

Bills that UAH Supports:

Bills that UAH Opposes:

  • H.B. 472: Medicaid Expansion Revisions (Rep. Spendlove)
    • Amends the state Medicaid program to permit an expansion of Medicaid eligibility under certain conditions-including work requirements and an enrollment cap. 
    • Why we oppose it: While the bill would expand Medicaid, it still falls well short of the Medicaid coverage threshold established under ACA and would have strict work requirements and an enrollment cap-so some eligible people won't get coverage. Also, it would hurt a ballot initiative for full Medicaid expansion that will likely pass. This is really a way to try to slow Medicaid expansion.
    • Status: House Fiscal Note received 3/2 

Bills that UAH is Watching:

  • Nutrition Assistance Amendments (Rep. Spendlove)
    • No text at this time, but could possibly implicate SNAP or WIC. Mysterious.
    • Status: In process