Food Assistance for Students

Being a college student can be a fun, but also challenging, time in adults lives. There are many stressors in a student's life that are normal. Stress over affording food is not. Despite the stereotype that exists of the "starving college student," higher education students should not have to skip meals or lack a nutritious diet to make ends meet. 

Yet research shows that 36% of American college students are food insecure, with that number rising to 42% for community college students. If you are a student and you are hungry, there are options.

Fighting Hunger on Utah Campuses 2018 Toolkit

This toolkit was developed with close participation from Thayne Center at Salt Lake Community College. It gives resources for students and university and college administrations, on topics such as how to apply for SNAP, piloting SNAP workshops, and student advocacy. 

Download the Toolkit

Student Food Resource Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a great resource for college aged students and adults. It covers food stamps specific rules for college aged students, tips for living on a tight budget, Utah colleges that have food pantries, and food coops.

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SNAP (Food Stamps)

It can be challenging for students to qualify for the Supplemental Nutriton Assistance Program (SNAP), as the current rules assume that most students have financial support from home. However, there are exemptions for students who work, recieve work study, have children, or are unable to work.

See if You May Qualify

Download "SNAP Know Your Rights: College Students"


On-Campus Food Pantries

Many colleges and universities offer on-campus food pantries for students, staff, and faculty. These pantries often provide food with no questions asked, though a university ID is usually required. If you do not see your college or university listed, reach out to student resources to see if other services are provided. 

Salt Lake Community College

The University of Utah

Utah State University

Weber State University

Utah Valley University

Southern Utah University

Dixie State University


Food Help for Parents 

If you are a parent, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and free or reduced school meals can help ease the burden of paying for food. Learn more about WIC here and school meals here.