Karen Rodriguez

Outreach & Community Engagement Coordinator


As UAH's Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator, Karen spearheads our statewide initiative to increase access to SNAP for low-income Utahns. She is also conducting an advocacy engagement campaign focused on grassroots organizing and story collection from those who have utilized federal nutrition programs and have lived experience with hunger and poverty in Utah. This project aims to amplify the voices of Utah constituents at the state and federal level.

Prior to joining Utahns Against Hunger, Karen served as an Outreach Manager for various social issue campaigns, including Medicaid and immigration reform. Continuing her work surrounding inclusion and access, Karen is the Founder of CodeinColor.us, an SLC-based organization that aims to transform education through technology and civic engagement. The organization also focuses on spreading awareness on political topics surrounding socioeconomic inequality, both state and nationwide, and connects constituents with the resources necessary to make a difference in their city.